Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yellow Heels Our A Must For Each Womens Closet

Lots of women have a preference for heels over other types of footwear and there are many different variations of yellow high heels. Many varieties tend to be more casual while others are generally better for special or formal occasions however it is up to the actual wearer and what would make them comfortable.

Yellow Pumps

You'll find yellow pumps with low to mid-length heels, high heels and even platforms. You can find closed toe pumps, peep toe pumps and open toe. Pumps make the perfect casual footwear excellent for business attire to attend work, business meetings and interviews. You can wear pumps together with business suits, skirts and make them casual simply by pairing them with jeans. Yellow pumps would possibly look best together with gray-colored business apparel, jeans or virtually any ensemble which has yellow in it. As an example if you had a yellow top combined with some pinstriped dress pants yellow pumps would look fabulous.

Yellow Boots

Boots also come in numerous types and styles with the most common variations typically worn being knee high or thigh high boots. You can also get boots which hit at the calf and some are actually lower than that in height. Boots can very easily be worn together with anything but you really should be careful pairing a pair of yellow boots for daytime attire unless they'll be obscured by a pair of pants or a long dress. Yellow boots would probably be excellent for some sort of costume outfit in case you're going to any type of themed party.


Even though some women favor pumps or flats others opt for stilettos. These high heels have taller heals on them and can also end up being unpleasant to wear at times but some women can't live without them. Stilettos are fantastic for elegant dinners and parties, dates, or other special events. They aren't normally the type of shoes which are worn throughout the day; stilettos are usually preserved for the nighttime hours.

Open Toe

Peep toe shoes come in a variety of styles and you are able to actually find them as pumps, boots or stilettos. A peep toe simply features a tiny cut-out at the tip of the actual shoe that provides you a tiny peek at a few toes. An open toe gets the entire tip of the shoe opened leaving the toes exposed. Peeps and open toe shoes can be worn with almost anything and they can be dressed up as well as dressed down which makes them very versatile. Taylor Swift and Rachel Bilson have worn peep and open toe footwear to award shows in addition to all kinds of other celebrities.

Yellow is a pretty vibrant color so yellow shoes ought to be worn with caution. If you are already sporting an ensemble, top or pants that features a busy pattern or other vibrant colors, you might skip the yellow shoes however they would certainly compliment virtually any basic ensemble so that you can spice it up a little more. Donning yellow high heels together with some sort of business suit or tank top and jeans might make the ensemble much more interesting.

Regardless of whether you favor pumps, boots or stilettos, it truly all depends upon comfort and individual preference. There actually are no "rules" any longer with regards to fashion, simply just wear what enables you to feel great.

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