Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did You Know Of How Comfy FitFlops Toning Shoes Are?

The collection of shoes in the FitFlops range is proving to be a big hit with women everywhere. They are toning shoes – that is to say, they help to tone your legs and trim your butt when you wear them and walk around as normal. You can see why busy women would like them – and there’s no shortage of reviews online and in the press for these shoes.

One fact which is unlikely to be mentioned in reviews about FitFlops - but which will almost certainly be mentioned very early in the conversation if you speak to someone who actually wears them - is the fact that FitFlops are incredibly comfortable. Reviews tend to focus on the toning benefits of wearing FitFlops. It's no wonder - a shoe that can give you a lower body workout just by walking around as you would normally do anyway is a big deal by any standards.

This is the result of a specially designed sole which produces a small element of instability. The leg and butt muscles try to regain the body's balance, with the end result that they carry out some extra work.

However, the same sole which provides that lovely toning and trimming effect, also provides additional support for your feet - in the arch area in particular. It also maximises the surface contact area between the foot-bed of the shoe and the sole of the foot. This helps to spread the weight of your body more evenly across the sole of the foot - and makes FitFlops very comfortable to wear.

If you do have the chance to talk to a FitFlop owner, don't be too surprised if you find out that they have more than one pair. Some people will actually have several pairs. The first pair are typically bought in order to get a free lower body workout. The additional pairs tend to be purchased based on the comfort of these shoes. Be warned, FitFlops can actually be somewhat addictive.

It's interesting to note that the most recent addition to the FitFlop clogs range, the Gogh Pro clog - is specifically aimed at hospital and shift workers. Anybody who tends to spend a lot of their working day on their feet in other words. They have the exact same design of toning soles as all the other shoes in the FitFlop collection - the only difference is that it is no-mark, no-slip. They also incorporate an adjustable, pivoting heel strap for a secure fit with the convenience of a slip-on style shoe.

These have just been given their UK launch and will probably be on sale in America before very much longer.

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