Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where to Purchase The Best Brands of Designer Lingerie

If you enjoy buying extravagant intimate apparel and cash is not a problem, then you will want to learn of the names of the most sought after designer styles sold on the market today. Designer lingerie brands are deemed to be the finest because of their cutting edge styles and given that they are typically made from the finest quality fabrics available and under the sternest quality control requirements. Consequently, the buyer of these fashionable outfits can be confident that they are purchasing an exceptional product for the money. So, if your assortment of lingerie needs to contain the newest styles and chic fashions, then you will need to search for designer lingerie.

Designer Lingerie Manufacturers

The artisan matrix, the value specified to the designing stage, the detailed understanding of the woman’s body, the fusion of innovativeness and customary practices, the endless quest for quality, the care given to image: these are the basics that transformed a little corset laboratory founded in 1954 in Bologna by Ada Masotti, into La Perla Group, a marketplace leader in intimate apparel and swimsuits for women designs. Special fabrics, sophisticated designs and a rare, craft-based labor philosophy render La Perla Lingerie designs undeniably feminine. Sophisticated, plush and classy, La Perla's beautiful lingerie has been shown off by numerous actresses and celebrities. The group’s creations have even become very valued as collectibles.

Another designer from Europe, Lise Charmel is considered by many to be the most extravagant brand of French lingerie currently available. Sophisticated and creative, Lise Charmel's creations unite both stylishness and class in the finest European approach. Showcasing rich embroideries, lavish materials, faint tulles and a superb attention to detail, the Lise Charmel collection of chic intimate apparel will appeal to even the most cultured tastes.

Irene LeRoux, in 1968, remade a tiny Paris beachwear shop into what would later be the establishment of Eres. Her contemporary and very innovative fashions that started by getting rid of padding and stays and conveying the natural look into popularity. Eres has turned into one of the most popular brand names for style conscious females insisting on new fashion statements each year and that would like to look startling in a uniquely fresh manner. The mission of Eres lingerie is to make magnificent but simple, feminine and cultured styles. This is realized by the fabrication of gentle, efficient materials that softly hug the skin, while continuing to give incomparable support.

Third Floor Design is a comparatively new designer lingerie establishment based in Vancouver, Canada. They are a boutique lingerie design company that has been putting together exciting, sensual and comfortable intimate apparel since 2003. They feel that each woman deserves the confidence and luxury that they deliver with their line of lingerie, and that every piece of clothing they stock has been crafted with the goal of obscuring the lines linking innerwear and outerwear. Third Floor Design is an emerging intimate apparel designer whose designs are beginning to be seen on the runway aisles of the premier fashion events. They’ve effectively raised womens intimate apparel from an afterthought to a chief feature in a woman’s style, and they’ve achieved this by prudently opting for the best quality materials in uninhibited prints and pigments.

Lingerie is expected to be attractive, stimulating and intense, and can surely improve one's self-respect. If you’re style conscious and interested in purchasing just the newest trends in intimate apparel, then designer lingerie would definitely be your number one choice. You shouldn’t expect to find the finest designer lingerie at your local shopping center, you will have to to go on an expedition to Rodeo Drive, Madison Avenue and SoHo to locate these classy designs. Although designer lingerie may be more high-priced, the extra expense is definitely worth it after you figure in the quality, value, and aesthetic allure which the fashions represent, particularly if likened to discount types of intimate apparel.

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