Friday, April 8, 2011

IsaDora Makeup: A Look on the Basic Choices

Having to work with a unique concept of beauty and the cosmetics industry, IsaDora Makeup has turned into a very popular brand as far as making women beautiful is concerned. Launched a Swedish company called Invima AB in 1983, IsaDora works with the combination of the latest developments in the cosmetics world and a high standard for quality and safety that only this brand has to develop the best products possible. But they can still do all these and still be very affordable for many women who use their products.

Among the producs included in the IsaDora Cosmetics line include makeup, skin care products, hair care products, sun care products and body care products. To give you a better understanding of what they offer, here is a selection of some of the basics of the IsaDora makeup line:

1. Isadora Perfect Moisture Lipstick. By using a creamy and moisturing formula, IsaDora has developed the Perfect Moisture Lipstick that gives every women safe contoured lips to give it that kissable factor. And because it contains Panthenol and light protecting filters, it nourishes the lips making it perfect for women with dry or chapped lips. IsaDora's lipstick is also fragrance-free, making it safe for use without allergic reactions with people with sensitive lips.

2. Isadora Velvet Touch Foundation. The Velvet Touch Foundation is a light and creamy foundation that is very easy to apply and tone. Not only does it give a perfect, even and lasting makeup, it also helps regenerate and hydrate the skin. It is perfect for women with dry to normal skin and very comfortable to wear even on longer days. It is semi-transparent making it a good foundation to build on.

3. Isadora Velvet Touch Compact Powder. The Velvet Touch Compact is the perfect choice for women who is looking for that beautiful and even matte finish. It is also ideal for touch-ups all day long as it is micro-fine, silky and soft to the skin. It is semi-transparent and perfect for all women, no matter what skin type they have. It is also fragrance-free so allergic reactions won’t be any problem.

4. Isadora Color & Shape Eye Brow Gel. The Color & Shape Eye Brow Gel is a colored, quick-drying gel ideal for women with normal or coarse eyebrows. To create the perfect amount of lustrous colors, use the special brush that comes with the package to shape and comb the eyebrows. As it doesn't contain any fragrance, it is very safe for women with very senstive skin.

5. Isadora Eye Shadow Quartet. The different colors of the IsaDora Shadow Quartet can be combined in many different ways to create different looks for different occasions. And because it contains rich pigmentation, it also has a long-lasting effect. It is based on a micro-fine formulation that is guaranteed to always give the perfect result. This eye shadow is also safe for use and won't cause any allergic reactions, making it perfect for women with sensitive skin.

6. Isadora Perfect Lipliner. The Perfect Lipliner is a water-resistant lip contour pen that prevents lipstick from bleeding. It can also be used as a quick fix for lips with messed up lipstick, as well as a lip gloss. This lipliner also does not contain fragrance which can cause allergic reactions to women with senstive lips.

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