Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wearing empire cuts

Empire cut dresses are double-edged foils. They can truly bring out a more feminine look to any lady provided that it they are worn right. Otherwise, they can be quite unflattering. Much more, they can simply make a perfectly single woman seem like a woman in an interesting stage. Worn properly, empire cut dresses are even superb for masking those imperfect curves and bumps. But how can one take advantage of such a style? What kind of empire cut dresses and blouses should you choose?

Stiff materials for the pregnant look
To avoid the pregnant look, choose empire cut fashion wear that are made from flowy material such as silk charmeuse or buttery cotton jersey. These materials should be well placed to adhere to the body from the waist down. The waistlines of empire cuts have a tendency to be quite highly placed. With the use of stiff materials ballooning over a very placed girl, even flattest of stomachs will have a tendency to look swollen.

The tightest part should be just under the bustline
Selecting an empire cut top or dress that firmly cuddles the area right below the bustline makes the look more flattering and smart. If not properly fit, it can make the top look droopy, particularly when the tightest portion is located way below the bustline. If found too high, this tends to flatten the chest area, which can prove to be quite unflattering.

Show more leg
The length of empire cut dresses should be cut in a way that one can show a little bit of leg. Ideal cuts are around mid knee to about 2 inches below the knee. If the cut is formed longer than that, then it can have the bent of making an illusion of heaviness on the persons frame.

Select the right accessories
Understanding how to accessorise your dress or top can do wonders when wearing empire cuts. Wearing belts at the main seam lessen the pregnant look associated with an empire cut.

Thin belts are great for women with smaller frames whereas larger belts are more suggested in girls with fuller figures.
Accentuate your empire top or dress with accessories such as long necklaces and hanging earrings. These have a tendency to serve as great accents for that express cut.

Choosing the right shoes to go with that dress also has effects on the style that you plan to bring to the table. Flat shoes can be worn for extraordinarily casual occasions or even for a frequent look. Nevertheless if you plan to wear an empire dress on an evening out, then heels would be perfect to contribute to that sexy and feminine look.

Shawls on cold evening outs not only add warmth to this fashion style but also a classic touch to your particular piece.

Empire cuts can be quite flexible when worn in the correct way. If you know how to wear an empire cut and what to wear with it, then one piece can actually serve different purposes. It all really relies upon your sense of style.

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