Friday, April 22, 2011

Wide Leg Pants Are Back for 2011

Wide leg pants have been off and on the fashion attention. Again, in 2011, wide leg pants are predicted to go round again, especially for those who are not so appreciative of skirts and dresses. Though it might be quite tricky to get away with wearing wide leg pants, these can still add to an exceedingly casual and yet relaxed look.

Sorts of Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants customarily come in 3 differing sorts : wide-leg trousers, wide-leg jeans and Palazzo pants.
Wide-leg trousers are tailored to create a more masculine look as compared to other cuts. These cuts can be either modern or classic looking but the effect of the cut will be the same.
Wide-leg jeans generally give a rough and baggy look. To avoid this, it would be nice to have the jeans more fitted along the thigh area and eventually moderately flared going downwards.
Palazzo pants are typically made from very light material like silk or crepe. Sheer materials may also be utilized for a daring look. Though palazzo pants may be used as office wear or for short nights-out, these pants are best used for outside activities like lounging in yachts or walking along the Mediterranean coast.

How And What To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

As always, creating an illusion of length is critical to any fashion piece. Wide leg pants are sometimes worn better with high heels instead of pants. Wide leg pants have a tendency to make an individual look shorter and short-legged also. Wearing heels counters this effect.

Since wide leg pants are sometimes quite loose, using fitted tops result in a more balanced look. Wearing loose tops have a tendency to create an overwhelming look giving the person a look bigger than her real size. For wide leg jeans, fitted tanks or v-necks create a more relaxes and casual look. While for office wear, the utilization of fitted jackets or blouses turn out to be more fitting than having loose blouses along with wide leg trousers.

Wide leg pants can be paired in a similar manner as long skirts due to their billowy look. Using materials like lace or satin help in creating a rather more classic look.

Accessorise To Customize Your Look

Accessories help in creating a look that usually complements wide leg pants. Tank tops twinned with wide leg pants work better with a newsboy cap or even a scarf for that casual look. Wide brimmed hats can also help in creating a stylish look as well .
Adding layers of jewellery to wide leg pants also help in customising your look.

As a rule, wide leg pants fit women with taller frames as wide leg pants do have the inclination to make person look more stocky. However , it is not that limiting too. Knowing how to wear these pants as well as what to wear with them can create a different look altogether when compared to standard fashion pieces.


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