Monday, May 9, 2011


Cashmere is a material widely used in the production of threads like sweaters and suits. They have gained gigantic popularity because they are known to make a contribution to the class and classic design of a few fashion items. Italian fashion designers, for one, are known to take quite a posh for this actual material. The better quality, of course, demands a better price. There are benefits and drawbacks though regarding the use of cashmere. Dedicated care is needed as well when purchasing attire made of these.

Cashmere wool is sometimes known as pashmina, which is actually an Indian term. This material is understood to date back as early as 3rd century B.C. Traditionally nevertheless , cashmere is believed to have been introduced round the 15th century by the ruler of Kashmir, Zayn-ul-abidin.

Trading of cashmere into the west was introduced around 1799 in France as shawls were introduced into the French market. These shawls made a wide-spread craze which at last resulted into an increase in demand for the stated material.

Source and traits of cashmere
Cashmere comes from the soft undercoats of goat. This is, of course, different from the coarse outerhairs which serve as the animals protection. The undercoat is the layer found underneath the prickly outercoat.
Cashmeres are renowned for their high level of insulation minus the bulk which is oftentimes connected with wool. When worn, they can keep someone extremely warm. Cashmere is excellent for those living in areas which experience quick changes in temperature as this material allows for adjustment to such conditions.

Cashmere production
To comprehend the reason behind the unreasonable prices that come with purchasing material made of cashmere, one must also understand the painstaking process concerned in its production. After the goat hairs are picked up, either by shearing or brushing, the fibers still have to be sorted by hand to separate the coarse from the fine hairs. When sorting has been done, the hairs are now washed and dehaired. During dehairing, other materials like vegetable matter and dandruff are removed to endure the standard of the hairs. Only after this process are the hairs spun into yarn and readied for further use.

The sole drawback to buying materials made of cashmere is the price as these garments can be quite expensive. Other minor matters, such as care, should also be considered. As with other fine materials, hand washing in cold water is the sole way in how one can wash cashmere. Padded hangers are going to be used when hanging cashmere tops to avoid distortion. Stains must be treated right away as cashmeres have the tendency to easily absorb color. Garments made of cashmere should be stored in cool, dry places preferably with moth crystals to preserve its quality.

Frankly, cashmere does demand a lot from ones pocket. But as usual, if one is in pursuit of quality, then one should be prepared to pay the cost. And with cashmeres, it is all worth the sacrifice.


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