Friday, May 6, 2011

Choosing afternoon Dress

A dress is a garment which has the top and the skirt joined to form one fabric. The dresses are wearable to women and girls and they come in different designs and fashion. They date back to the medieval times. They were worn by different classes of folks, communities and even for spiritual and spiritual functions and activities. The dress has found its way into our existing times.

Dresses are worn by all walks of life from the royal families, upper class and lower class ; old and young fashion ; work and play ; and also for different occasions and seasons i.e. Winter, summer spring etc and times of the day ; evening, morning and afternoon.

An Afternoon Dress is a dress worn in the afternoon time of the day. Many events and function dont find their way in these times of the day especially during weekdays as the majority of folk are busy working on other activities. This would say why the afternoon dress isn't as common as the other dresses.

Majority of girls would have a breakfast dress, an evening dress, dinner dress but rarely an afternoon dress. Actually a semi casual dress for afternoon event made afternoon dress find their way to high class social status. This dressing codes are for attending social events like tea parties, garden parties, afternoon wedding and any other even that may also be a cooperate celebration or a launch.

Different events are unique in their set up location and the season, so calling for different designs. An occasion done outside on a sunny day will call for different dressing code than on a rainy day. An inside event would also call for a different dressing. In a number of cases an event may call for a special dressing code in which one must wear to visit the event. This are the times where casual cloths come in useful but one has to grasp the event to avoid humiliations. When the rest is put into account the garments accompanying the dress should additionally be put into account as they could make or break the dressing. This embodies the scuffs wrapped around the head or neck coats and even leggings. It is great to carry the scuff with you especially if the dress has a low top. Remember, if these additions have to be included they shouldn't break the theme but add to it.

If an afternoon event doesn't call for a certain dressing code then the wearer is free to wear on the principle of fashion, comfort or even taste. It is often a good practice to inquire of the event before choosing of the selection of the dressing. An afternoon dress can be worn by people who don't want to look so casual. They may also be worn by people who don't want to wear too official. It's really important for women and girls to have at least 3 afternoon dresses to choose from. It may be advisable to get friendly colors which can on occasion be ideal in any afternoon function.

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