Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Common Uses of Eye patch

"eye patch" also known as "eye pad" is may be a little pad or fabric patch to cover your one eye. This is often black color with elastic band, adhesive bandage and attached to a string for an easy attachment around the head.

It was many years before the operation and advanced medicine, eye patch were generally utilised by predominant members of unsafe occupation, such as blacksmiths and sailors, as well as for pirate costumes. Blacksmiths use eye patch over one eye to prevent flying sparks from blinding in both eyes, while sailors use eye patch for adjusting the darkness or dimming light below deck. Just a switch of patch from the one eye to other eye helped them save the time in going to the decks. However , this was not considered as handy in the history.

Here are commonplace usages of eye patch :

Cosmetics. Fundamentally, eye patch replaces for the injured or damaged and lost eye. But today, it is generally employed in cosmetics for helping reinvigorate and relax beat eyes.

Sleep Mask. Eye patch applied for blocking the light while you are sleeping this is generally called as sleep mask. This is put on during travels, or when you need to sleep for a longer time. It also provide a respite from claustrophobia due to magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment. Eye patch helps relieve irritation due to headache and sinus pressure. And the adhesive eye patch treats and corrects the amblyopia, also called as "lazy eye". This suggests visible kick or poor indistinct vision which leads to blindness. Usually impacted by this, is our youngsters. Thru patching of one's eye, the one that is affected with amblyopia will be made to work, thus causing the vision to function routinely. Other uses eye patch to relieve diplopica or double vision. This is due to ophthalmoplegia, also called as extraocular muscle palsy. And by utilizing this, diplopica may be prevented as well as relieving vertigo, nausea and most especially for woozy spells.

For Pilots. Eye patch is utilized by some Pilots during their flights at night. In such a manner that the one eye can look out over the brightly lit towns, while the other eye with eye patch is changed for dingy light so that cockpit can read unlit maps and other instruments. Other pilots use eye patch, e.g. Gold-lined or lead-lined, to prevent blindness in the event of emergencies like laser weapon or nuclear blast.

In todays generation, other than using eye patch for treatment,it is also used as a style accessory to make a fashion statement.

But you have to bear this in your mind's eye. As much as possible, use eye patch only when your doctor prescribes you to do so. This provides assurance for your kid and any person using this, to do treatment. So, possible standard vision can be developed.

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