Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Mini Jewelry Box and Its Uses

Have you always wanted a jewelry armoire but resisted buying one because you don’t have sufficient space to keep it? The perfect storage solution for all your delicate jewelry is a small jewelry box.

There are several exquisitely carved small wooden boxes that will look great on your dresser and will be ideal for travel. It can easily enhance your existing furniture with its charming exterior. A box made of burlwood maple, mahogany, or cherry will blend well with any decor.

If you are the traditional sort and like an ethnic look, go for any jewelry box from the Orient to give your room a vintage aura. An European antique box or even a copy on your dresser would give your room a Victorian ambience.

A small box is also convenient to carry your jewelry with you on your journey. It offers easy accessibility, less messy, and more organized storage for your jewelry. Many people prefer to carry their jewelry in fabric pouches while traveling, but nothing can beat the nostalgia of carrying your beautifully carved wooden jewelry box with you.

Small jewelry boxes make great gifts for all occasions. A small heart-shaped jewelry box covered with velvet and lined with satin, is a big hit on Valentine’s Day and also on all those special anniversaries. It can also be used to safely store family heirlooms. Nothing, however, beats a musical jewelry box as a gift for little girls.

Many jewelry shops have their jewelry packaged in customised small handcrafted wooden boxes displaying their logo or name on the lid. This not only provides the customer with an easy storage option, but also serves as a constant reminder of the shop to the customer and encourages further trips to the jeweler.

Both men and women enjoy collecting small jewelry boxes from far off countries as a hobby. The small and intricate wooden boxes bring to mind kings and queens, and their royal jewels. A lot of these boxes are not used to store jewelry but as elaborately ornate showcase items meant to act as conversation pieces at cocktail parties.

If you just need to store your chains and necklaces, you could buy a small jewelry box with a satin or velvet lining and a number of compartments with hooks to hold the jewelry. And if you are looking to just store your ring collection, a rectangular or square jewelry box lined with a smooth fabric and several rows with ring slots, should be just right.

Another option would be a miniature jewelry armoire with sufficient trays, compartments, drawers, and doors with hooks, will help you organize all your jewelry and at the same time not occupy much space.

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