Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer in Capris

Summer is approaching and it's the time to think about wardrobe good for the heat that comes with the season. Among the more typically utilized pieces of garments in the high season are capri pants. These are the pants that are typically cut mid-calf making them look a bit shorter than your normal pants or trousers. Capri pants do not only look great for ad hoc wear but they can be used for a casual look as they may be employed for office wear too. Summer in capris is just good fun and comfort.

The evolution of the capris
It was fashion designer, Sonja de Lennart, who conceptualized the idea of capri pants in 1948. The term capri pants was coined from the Isle of Capri where the pants became widely popularised in the early 50s to the late 60s. In the 60s, the style was then made very popular in the US by actress Mary Tyler Moore as she used this style during her situation comedy. Although the idolization of capri pants lost ground in the 70s up to the 90s, it has again started to make a return in the year two thousand. Nowadays , even men use capri pants as demonstrated by tennis player Rafael Nadal during his matches up to the year 2009.

Choosing ones own style
Capris are again becoming highly popular since they do provide comfort pretty similar to that of a couple of shorts but with extra coverage too. However , one should exercise caution when choosing 2 capri pants.

The best length for capri pants would be somewhere between the knee and ankle. Think of them as shorter pants. If the length is located just below the knee, then these styles are more famous as pedal pushers rather than capris. Capri pants do have the disposition to make an individual look shorter. For women who are short or who've short legs, loose fitting capris with mid-calf length are the way to go. Capris which are too tight, particularly when close to the calf, have the disposition to roll up putting more stress on the calf area. This style is to be evaded for folks who have muscled calves. For taller ladies, longer cuts are way more endorsed than shorter cut capris.

Capris can match practically any kind of top. For a particularly casual and easy-going look, capris can be twinned with simple tank tops. Capris with bright colours and prints are perfect for the summer. Colourful colours coupled with vibrant tops go with the latest trend of colour blocking being introduced this year as well .

Spring / summer 2011 fashion trends
The capri pants being introduced this year offer cuts that are merely a small above the ankle. Though historically, capri pants are cropped mid-calf, for 2011, capri pants will be cut just under the calf area giving them more length. This year will also see some rolled-up versions of capris with the cuts found just above the ankle.

Capris are fun items to wear the coming seasons. Their versatility makes for one exciting fashion find.


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