Monday, June 6, 2011

Benefits of Using Remy Hair Extensions

If you’re looking for hair extensions, you have probably encountered the term ‘remy’. Remy hair is considered the material that the hair extension manufacturers use to create good quality wigs. The next time you go to a hair piece shop, ask for remy hair and you will find out that it’s the most expensive type they have. Anything that is not of the same quality is considered non-remy.

Remy hair is often used to create hair extensions or weaves used for styling purposes. Weaves are not complete wigs but segments of hair that can be attached. You can have long hair in an instant or you can use the remy hair extensions to add volume to your tresses.

Here are the main reasons why stylists prefer working with remy hair extensions.

Why Use Remy Hair for Extensions?

1. Texture

It's ironic that a person would feel affronted if someone pointed out that he is wearing a wig, even if he is. Hair extensions and wigs should look and feel like the real thing. Unfortunately, very few types of extensions and wigs can create the illusion that one is not wearing a wig even when he or she is wearing one.

The real test of authenticity is when the person moves and the hair follows the movement. Some remy hair pieces are superior to others because the hair strands have been processed in a way that did not damage the cuticle layer of the hair. The hair looks natural. What this means to you is that the hair can look and feel like it’s a part of the person’s natural mane.

2. No Tangles

Tangling is a common hair complaint. Some hair products are great at controlling tangling, or frizzy hair. Some people use extensions to hide their frizzy natural hair. But what if you find out that the hair extensions you will be wearing still has tangles? Your hair piece should look better than your natural hair, not worse.

A remy type wig or weave is less likely to tangle compared to other types. Even when the wind is in your hair, it looks perfect.

What is the best type of remy hair? Indian human remy hair is by far one of the most sought after materials for wigs and extensions. Indian hair is collected from temples where people shed their hair for religious purposes. The long, undamaged strands of hair are collected and sold for the production of remy hair extensions and wigs.

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