Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our Best Tricks To Using Text Message Marketing Effectively

Pick a Simple Keyword.

Since customers need to recall both a short code as well as a keyword, make it short as well as easy to text.
Think about the offer. Since your prospects require a reason to opt-in to your campaign, give them an offer they cannot say no to.

Coordinate your text message marketing game plan.

Get out your text message marketing campaign using any of your usual advertising methods like television, radio, print advertising, website, merchandise material, menus, your shop window, receipts/invoices. Social networking websites like Twitter, My Space or Facebook are also a brilliant source for integrating of your IZIGG Mobile marketing system.
Always being consistent is key.

Include the keyword as well as the short code in all marketing you do. The more you market, the more leads you will receive. Use various keywords for different promotional mediums so you know which happen to be most effective.

Make the message simple.

You have a short timeframe to capture the audience, so make sure you make it direct & focused. If advertising on TV or radio, make sure to repeat the keyword & short code at least a few times. In print promotion, make sure that the keyword as well as short code stick out by taking advantage of a larger font & use a color that catches the human eye.

The SRT Principal states to make sure that your message is effective, it has to be Simple, Relevant as well as Timely. Make sure that all 3 factors happen to be included in every message that is sent.

Develop a relationship with your clients.

Collect customer names &|and} text out birthday notifications as well as special deals. IZIGG 90210 Mobile Marketing allows you to set up, in advance, automatic reservation/appointment reminders as well as birthday messages. Concentrate on your long term marketing strategy.

Employ the power of text message forwarding or viralness. Always keep in mind the call to action that involves forwarding the text.

Create employee contests. Reward your employees tied to the number of opt-in customers every worker generates in any specific period of time with bonuses and gift certificates.

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