Monday, July 4, 2011

Hairstyles 2011

What are the new haircuts for 2011? Let us find out.

First things first, on a scale from 1 to 10, what score do you give your present hairstyle? Seriously! There is no point just having some random hairstyle, you want something that will make you look beautiful.

Naturally you want to be in fashion and keep up with the latest trends. Bear with me here, and let me help you go one step further. Ask yourself if you want a trendy hairstyle that looks dreadful on you or would you like one that will essentially be the best cut you have ever had?

We look at websites and magazines and when we spot a hairstyle with great color we think, that is the right cut. This really is the worst way possible to choose a haircut.

We all look different with means that if a trendy hairstyle looks good on your friend it wont necessarily look as good on you. So in a nutshell you now know that you need a special hairstyle that will look great on you.

Let us search for your perfection. Trust me it really is very simple and easy.

We all have different facial shapes, thus know what yours is and take it from there. Most of us visit a stylist to cut our hair, so ask her what your shape is and discuss with them what your options are.

It is vital that you choose a good color that will go well with your skin tone. Have you ever looked at someone and thought "Wow, her hair color is awful!". Well you don't want people to think that when you walk past them. So if you want to avoid turning heads in your direction for all the wrong reasons get a color that will suite you.

All of us have different textures to our hair. It may seem negligible, however this is very important. Let us have a look at some simple examples. If you have a coarse texture and a very thick density it will be advised that you maintain some length to weigh down the hair instead of having very short cuts which just won't work. If the texture of your hair is very fine and the density is thin then it will likely be very limp and you need some weight. Find out what your texture and density is to get the best cut for you.

Perhaps you have some special consideration. Maybe you would like to highlight some of your facial features or perhaps downplay some features. Let’s say you have a large chin, you should have your hair either longer or shorter than your chin line so you do not draw attention to your chin. So as you can see you can adapt your hairstyle and get a custom cut that will help make you look gorgeous.

Now you have some awesome guidelines to help you along. But there is more... read on and discover what secret tool women use to get 100% satisfaction.

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But let me ask you this, when you choose a hairstyle and you aren't sure about it, whom do you ask for advice? People have different style taste and at the end of the day you have to be happy when you look in the mirror. So your opinion is the most important, because that is the only honest opinion you will ever get. So at the end of the day you have to make a choice.

Now is the time to finally discover how you can incorporate all of these tips with the best hair tool out there and discover the new haircuts for 2011.

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