Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Steps To Making Your Own Anniversary Card

Most people will never stay together long enough to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. In fact, most people get divorced within a few years as evidenced by the high divorce rate. Therefore, when a couple reaches that 50-year mark, it's a good reason to have a celebration. These are fun, lighthearted parties that almost make the bride and groom feel young again. As your part in the special remembrance, you will probably want to create an appropriate, unique card for the happy couple.

One of the nicest ways to obtain a beautiful card worthy of this type of a celebration is to make one yourself. You should try making one if you've never made one before. You can make a unique card using various methods. You simply need to get your hands on some cardstock in order to get started.

An easy yet thoughtful card to make starts with a copy of a picture of the couple in the early days of their marriage. One option is to use a nice, cursive font with the words "Remember when". Glue all of this on the front of a folded piece of cardstock. The inside of the card could have a current photo. You could also write the names of the couple's kids and grandkids around the edge of the photo.

I'm sure there are plenty of homemade cards with pictures on them that you can find on the internet. Finding them will give you plenty of ideas for making cards on your own. A card doesn't have to be complicated to be effective, so you can make one even if you aren't that creative. For instance, you could try gluing a ruffled paper heart right on the front of folded cardstock. The inside of the heart could have a pretty bow added to it. To finish thing, you simply need to put a lovely picture from a magazine or ornate lettering that says "50 years".

You can find plenty of embellishments from scrapbooking stores. There are all types of pictures and words that you can add to make instant cards. You can instantly make your own unique card by adding a few of these embellishments. Doc No. esdkslh-tslhsd

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