Sunday, August 21, 2011

Candidiasis Causes - Repeated Infections Really Should Not Be Ignored

Most people don't even know what a yeast infection is or what it does to the body, so why would it be high on anyone's priority list. Most people are not too concerned because they consider it a disease only for women. But there really are very good reasons to learn about them so you can work to prevent them in the future. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not only the bad, but also the good, so the bacteria that keeps yeast away is destroyed by the antibiotic, thus allowing yeast to spread wildly. Your personal habits need to be checked out, to see what you are doing to aid your frequent infections, and what you can do to remove whatever might be the cause. Knowledge of any disease is important for prevention as well as healing, and that goes for yeast infections also. I realized that it is usually best to deal with allergy, be it yeast infections or otherwise, right away soon after I suffered with alcohol allergy that has been stopped by means of a decent No Red Face formula.

There are so many factors that contribute to yeast infections, but most people never imagine that their clothes could add to the problem. Wearing the proper underwear will make a difference in keeping candida away, so make it cotton, fairly loose-fitting, and keep it clean. Places that remain moist, and at an elevated temperature level will always be places that have the good possibility of yeast over-growth. If you have a history of wearing pantyhose and developing yeast infections, then that could be a clue right there. You have to look at the overall situation starting with the clothes you wear.

Spermicides have lately been shown to be an additional cause of yeast infections, so another thing to avoid. Nonoxynol-9 has been identified as one of the spermicides that you should not be using. If a yeast infection can develop because of a chemical, you should try to avoid coming into contact with it, even a condom with a spermicide additive. We suspect that basically what happens is the compound also kills other bacteria within the vagina. Preventing yeast problems means eliminating whatever you are doing that destroys bacteria, and doing things to add bacteria.

Yeast infections in women have been found to be connected to improperly treated diabetes. When you think about it, elevated sugar levels in the urine are essentially providing a nutrient rich environment for bacteria around the vagina. You need to be aware of what is going on in your body, and it is very helpful to have an awareness of your family health history. You should check in with your doctor for a serious discussion on your health, if you are gaining weight and have a family history of diabetes.

What makes having yeast infections even worse to deal with, is when they keep coming back, over and over again. Talking to your doctor to learn the best course of action, is what you should do before it happens even once. Yeast infections are a possible side-effect of certain prescription medicines, so make sure that you discuss that with your doctor.

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