Friday, August 5, 2011

Powerful Thoughts On How A Colour Wheel Can Help You Select Your Next Hair Dye

Did you know that a temporary hair dye doesn't really permeate the shaft of hair but remains closely adherent so it may be easily removed whenever you shampoo? It is said to be adherent, instead of absorbed and this is because the molecules inside the temporary hair colours are too big to completely pass through the cuticle layer. Generally, this sort of treatment is merely supposed to work for a couple of hours or as much as a day, or basically until you shampoo your hair next. Thus, it's great for all those costume parties or when you need to enjoy a really wild evening out on the town.

We sometimes don’t wish to change the all round colour of our hair and if this is the case we can choose streaks or gradation. This is often quite a rigorous procedure, but the completed outcome can be fairly spectacular. Many stylists will use foil to split up the hair that’s to be coloured, or a specially designed cap with holes inserted, through which the particular pieces of hair that are to be coloured are drawn with a specific instrument.

If you’re searching for a far more permanent result at the other end of the spectrum you will be able to pick either demi-permanent, semi-permanent or even permanent. Each varies based on the size of the molecule, enabling hair dye to enter into the hair shaft and making sure the colour survives repeated washing.

Did you know that you can pick basically any colour under the rainbow for a new hairstyle by using a colour wheel to see exactly how a particular colour mixes into another? This is particularly good if you have a specific shade already and wish to move to a completely different colour. Using the colour wheel you could pick interim hair colours that are very likely to result in a much more gradual change and a better completed result. Who knew that there could be such artistry attached to your next trip to the hair salon?

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