Thursday, September 1, 2011

Improving Your Memory Using The Optimum Smart Vitamins

Medicine is always searching for options to prevent the aging process. A specific sector that has had a great deal of attention recently is that of brain function and in particular improving memory . Experts have studied the biochemical basis for memory and many have introduced prescription drugs for memory enhancement, professionals have looked at using nutrition to improve memory.

Within our brains and nervous systems, there are networks of neurons which have nearly infinite possibilities for linking between each other. You could certainly imagine this linking as a type of wiring system, and more links are set up the instant you master something, by means of neurological activity across the network. It is theorized that remembering may be experienced because of revisiting these nerve pathways. These activities are triggered by neurotransmitters which are chemical messengers derived from the things we consume in addition to what we drink. So scientists have been considering the influences of vitamins and minerals on mental effectiveness, including memory.

The prime neurotransmitter for memory (not to mention different important physical processes) is a substance called acetylcholine. To be able to produce this particular chemical, your brain requires the nutrient choline (made from phosphatidyl choline) and vitamin B5. It has been observed that levels of acetylcholine in the brain tend to reduce as we grow old and this decrease has been proven to lead to weak memory together with other concerns. So this had led scientists to look for ways to increase its levels to help with improving memory .

Looking towards memory enhancement, the prescription drugs industry has opted for trying to develop prescription drugs to do the job, given that as manufactured substances, they can be patented and profited from. It has tested the use of smart drugs for both patients with Alzheimer's and for the much more substantial segment of people experiencing age-associated memory decline.

Two solutions have been put into practice. The first approach was to manufacture drug treatments which stall or obstruct the degradation of neurotransmitters. In this group, the drug Piracetam has been well explored and identified to have broadly valuable outcomes on memory performance. The substance is associated with a drug group termed nootropics, related to pyroglutamate, which is one of the amino acids. One more medicine named Deprenyl (a mono-amino-oxidase inhibitor is prescribed to combat Alzheimer's disease.

In the first instance, the results seem encouraging, nevertheless the longer term side effects have not been tested and it is feasible that these kinds of prescription drugs will bring about biochemical imbalances, since they are man-made substances, and are therefore not completely crafted for our biochemistry.

The second group is smart hormones which are made available over the counter in the United States. The one that has received virtually all of the media attention is melatonin (specifically in connection with lessening the consequences of jet-lag), which is a chemical created by the pineal gland. Somewhat controversially, a number of people recommend that it ought to be taken to improve your memory. Even so, the trouble is that, even if naturally-occurring, there is a fine equilibrium of hormones in our bodies, which is very easily disturbed and could generate all manner of unhealthy side effects.

Nevertheless, if just like many scientists, we get back to basics and take a look at the food substances necessary to make acetylcholine (principally choline and vitamin B5), then there is an alternative opportunity for anybody to build and maintain balanced quantities of this compound. Research studies have found that making sure that you have acceptable consumption of foodstuff, food supplements and vitamin supplements to supply you the necessary nutrient building blocks, will certainly be responsible for memory enhancement in many individuals. Hence, ideally we should consume a balanced diet with loads of fruits and vegetables, and oily fish three times a week. It would be advisable to consult a nutritional expert or other qualified health expert to give you advice on your particular requirements for memory vitamins. The effects will not happen immediately, yet you will unquestionably be making good progress towards establishing the basis for improving memory.

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  1. Deprenyl as a nerve and brain cell protector. Also known as Deprenyl Citrate, Selegiline and Cyprenil, using Deprenyl can improve brain function, stimulate brain activity and effectively increase dopamine levels available in the brain. Used ‘off label’ to treat Alzheimer’s disease, its ability to prevent brain cell deterioration is well documented.


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