Saturday, September 3, 2011

Why Do Women Put On High Heel Shoes?

Men might have wondered as to why ladies love to wear high heel shoes. Aside from enjoying the incontrovertible fact that ladies look extremely good in them, here are a couple of reasons why ladies love to ear these attractive pumps.

Makes Them Look Taller

One of the reason why ladies wish to wear high heel shoes is to cause them to look taller. Height will always have an advantage some how as folks have a tendency to be quite visible. Given a choice, most men would really like to look at taller ladies whose legs appear to look endless. Ladies on the other hand would like all the attraction that they can attract particularly when they're dressed to galvanize. Making one to appear taller will also create the impression that they look slimmer and more tasty. Being human, we are quite visible thus one of the ways women attract man's attention is always by visible photographs.

Enhances Their Dressing

You'll observe that ladies are extremely creative when it comes to their dressing. If they are planning to go for a party or fun outing, they'll definitely be wearing clubbing shoes that will complement their dressing. And mind you, ladies will have every reason to get the shoes to match whatever occasion they are going to attend. Whether they need to go to work, attend a business meeting, power lunch, evening meals or formal events, there is bound to be a variety of shoes for them to put on which will generally make them look good.

Gives Them Confidence

You will see that girls who wear high heel shoes will appear more confident. Not only do the heels make them look taller, it also makes them appear slimmer and more engaging. There are numerous types of high heel shoes for different occasions. Some are for fun so they can be as colorful and creative in designs while others are for more formal occasions so they will have a rather more solid colour. For corporate wear, firms routinely prefer their women staff to wear shoes that will cover their toes. But if you're planning on going clubbing, you might select from a wide range of interesting and creative designs and styles that may satisfy your taste and make you look good while having a great time.


And there you have it. A quick rundown on why ladies love high heel shoes. They get to choose their style and design of sexy stilettos to wear that will cause them to look beautiful and engaging. Happy shopping women!

  • Wearing high heels shoes make women look slimmer
  • High heel shoes make women look taller
  • Gives them confidence


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