Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Ways To Manage Lying In A Relationship

So, you've found your other half and you're enjoying a happy and fulfilling romantic relationship. At least you assumed so till you started to have the hunch that your romantic partner isn't being fully truthful with you. Is your partner really intentionally not telling you the truth or are you only being paranoid? Anyway, you have to learn the truth and cope with the problem.

There are numerous ways to handle lying in a relationship. Some people opt to brazen out their partner and question them. Others will anonymously check their partner's phone log or e-mails. The issue with both these approaches is they are useless. In case you decide to face your companion without being certain that they've been lying, you'll only make them defensive. In case you try and find proof of their deceitful behaviour in a deceitful fashion, you'll grant them all the power in every future communication about the difficulty.

So, what's the best way to resolve lying in a relationship? Unpleasant as such a problem is, it is also straightforward to handle. In fact, there are just three things you need to do, if you suspect your better half is lying:

1. Learn if they are really lying.
2. Discuss it.
3. Forgive and go on with your life.

Now, as I mentioned previously, finding out if your partner is not telling the truth, is a difficult task. The simplest method to accomplish this is to use the most relevant questions and closely watch their behavior while they reply. You should focus on every tiny thing your other half tells you and keep an eye out for any inconsistencies. In case you sense one, question your partner nicely "I thought you said that..." or "Wasn't it (whatever the case is) you said you're doing?".

When the reality is out, don't just burst out in anger. Speak to your loved one calmly and attempt to understand what has incited their dishonesty. You may be stunned to discover that something that you did has essentially provoked them to dishonest!

The last step is to do your best and excuse your other half and go on with your life, together. In case you are unable to do that, your doubt will finally kill your romantic relationship.

Lying in a relationship is a standard problem and unfortunately most couples are unable to handle it. However, if you stick to the 3 straightforward steps above, you will certainly manage to resolve the difficulty in a positive and helpful way and place the foundations of a fair relationship.

I strongly urge you to check out Mike's post on lying in a relationship at and find out even more methods to perceive and handle lying in a relationship.

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