Friday, November 18, 2011

What Do You Must To Find Out About Cancer Natural Medicine

Have you heard about herbal medication to fight cancer and employed together with conventional cancer remedies? Chinese herbal cancer medicine, which is built up of a concoction of herbs, can be taken together with traditional cancer remedies. Chinese Herbal Medicine is considered as alternative cancer medicine - Holistic Cancer Treatment.

The herbal medication is advantageous to conteract the negative effects of nausea and vomiting resulting from traditional remedies such as chemotherapy and radiation. In addition, it is found that Chinese herbal medicine can boost the body's immune system which is important in the patient's recovery. At times, the immune system becomes so weak from the conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatments that it is too weak to fight off other serious illnes such as pneumonia and the patient is not strong enough to recover. This is where Chinese herbal cancer medication comes in to build the cancer patient's immune system throughout the radiation treatment so that he is not susceptible to these types of illness.

Both western and eastern physicians have been intrigued to study and research what goes into the Chinese herbal medication of cancer. It was found that most of the studies to date have been published in Chinese and are not accessible to doctors in the West. In addition, the research standards that are held in the East and West differ from each other so that in some studies not enough information was given about the specific herbs that were studied in trials with patients so the results of the studies are termed invalid by Western researchers.

There were some exceptions, however. There is a combination of several Chinese herbs, namely called PC-SPES, which had been studied very extensively in the West as well as in the East. Trial results of this herbal medicine has been promising although more studies may need to be done further.

It was seen in some studies as well that chinese herbal medicine helped to stop the recurrence of cancer in the body as well as stop the growth of tumours within the cancer patient's body. To conclude, it is the consensus of researchers that there are still much to discover which chinese herbal treatment medication is ideal for which types of cancer that it may be use for. Want more information on Alternative Cancer Treatments, visit this site which also covers topics like Symptoms Of Breast Cancer And Other Women Cancer.

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