Sunday, November 27, 2011

Prevent Stretch Marks - Simple Methods To Improve The Look Of The Skin

Common times when stretch marks occur include pregnancy or weight gain. Although they are a natural process, many women, nonetheless, see them as less than desirable, and numerous products on the market are hailed as being cures for stretch marks. With so many products available, how do we know if they actually work? At least one potential you should check out is Skinderma Pro reviews mainly because it has received a great deal of attention recently. If you have stretch marks, what can be done?

Studies have suggested that moisturizing regularly during pregnancy will reduce the likelihood of developing stretch marks. Stretch marks will be less likely to affect skin that is consistently moisturized since the moisturizer will allow the skin to be more elastic. During a woman's pregnancy, her breasts, buttocks and stomach will certainly grow. Therefore, those areas should be moisturized several times a day with a shea or cocoa butter lotion. During pregnancy, stretch marks are inevitable, so when those marks are initially noticed, they need to be heavily moisturized so that their appearance is minimized.

Sadly, the most that we can ever do about stretch marks is to practice prevention as well as methods to minimize their appearance. Stretch marks are permanent, and even in the best cases, they are still evident, although their appearance can be reduced considerably.

Your likelihood of developing stretch marks might actually be dependent on your diet. Your development of stretch marks might be decreased by eating a healthy diet that is filled with moisture rich foods; however, this idea needs more research to be sure. A healthy diet gives so many other benefits so why not try it for your stretch marks?

The skin care market is saturated with products that claim to rid the body of stretch marks. So how many of those products actually do what they claim? Since so few of these products actually work, you should spend some time researching them before you waste any money. To get a good source of information, look at this particular stretch mark cream write-up. Glycolic acid is one ingredient that you will want to see in your stretch mark products. This ingredient works to increase the collagen production in the body. Additionally, Vitamin C should also be present in the stretch mark product because it will work with glycolic acid to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

You can speak to your doctor about laser treatment for your stretch marks if you feel like you have exhausted your options. Laser treatment that targets stretch marks can dramatically reduce the appearance of these marks, but does have a considerable downside. The price, at upwards of a thousand dollars, is beyond what many people can afford.

If you suffer from stretch marks, there are steps that you can take to minimize their appearance, as well as things you can do to decrease the likelihood of developing them in the future. Realize that you will likely always be able to see your stretch marks, although you can make them less visible.

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