Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Methods To Do The HCG Injection Diet Plan

The HCG injection diet plan was created by Dr. Albert T. Simeons within the 1950s. This English physician pointed out in his studies that people who took an HCG injection diet plan - which included a 500-calorie each day diet plan along with a HCG injection - can assist obese people shed as much as two pounds each day. Although this diet plan fad has died down, it has made a comeback in 2007 when Kevin Trudeau promoted the HCG injection diet plan.

The HCG injection diet plan consists of 3 phases - the Loading, Maintenance, and Stabilization phases. If you're interested in participating in this diet plan, then here are the steps: Read more about HCG Shots.

During the first two days of the HCG injection diet plan, you will enter what is recognized as the Loading phase. Most dieters adore this phase because during these first two days of the diet plan, you are able to eat anything you would like to eat. By eating all of the foods which you like, you will be able to store much more fat - the fat which will be burned when you enter the next phase of the diet plan.

When you enter the loading phase of the HCG injection diet plan, you get the chance to munch on high-fat foods such as fries, steak, ice cream, or burgers. The loading phase is also recognized as the force-feeding phase of the diet plan. By overeating, the hypothalamus is forced to burn much more fats and calories within the body. During the loading phase, you are able to take HCG shots from Trim.

The next phase is the maintenance phase. You can have the maintenance phase for 21 days, or you are able to have it for a maximum of 40 days, based on just how much weight you would like to shed. Dieters consider this phase of the HCG injection diet plan as the hardest component, because you are able to only consume 500 calories worth of food per day. The 500 calorie each day is also recognized as the Extremely low calorie diet plan or VLCD. Throughout this phase, you have to keep away from fatty and sugary foods. Simply because your calorie intake is low, the body will function on the fat which you have gained throughout the loading phase.

For the maintenance phase, the body targets the fats on your issue locations such as the arms, stomach, buttocks, thighs, and chin. You also require to take HCG injections during this phase. The role of the HCG throughout the Maintenance phase is burning the fat (1500-4000 calories) and transforming it to energy. This stream of energy, alongside the VLCD, renews your metabolic rate, and renders you sexier in just a couple of days’ time.

The Stabilization phase of the HCG injection diet plan, on the other hand, follows 21 days. Throughout these 3 weeks, you are able to gradually raise your daily caloric intake from 500 to 800 for women, and 1000 for men. For these 3 weeks, you have to stay away from starchy and sugary foods to be able to attain optimum weight loss. You don’t have to take shots during this phase.

If you wish to succeed in losing weight with this diet plan, you have to adhere to at least 44 days of the diet plan. The HCG injection diet plan can assist you shed as much as 34 pounds, so try this out right away. One of the most famous diet plans now available in the market is HCG diet, and if you wanna know more about it and try for yourself just check this out.

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