Friday, December 2, 2011

Look After Your Skin Using All-Natural Skincare Solutions

Products that are typically offered by large cosmetic companies are not always the best ones to put on your skin. In fact, many of them contain chemicals that will actually severely damage your skin over a period of time. Due to the damage that these common products cause, many health conscious individuals have turned to natural skin products or making them with natural skin care recipes. While there are plenty of advantages to doing this, there are also some disadvantages.

Make It

It might not always be possible to make your own skin care products There are some home recipes that you can try. In order to try these recipes, you will probably have to search hard for the ingredients you will need. A good place to start is a local natural health store but you might have to resort to purchasing ingredients online. These ingredients may not actually be cheap and they certainly are not easy to find. Home therapies using devices like the Timepeel can be in your best interest. Microdermabrasion is a safe and effective method of getting rid of dead skin cells and promote new growth.

What You Can Make

A simple natural product that you can make at home is an excellent moisturizer. All you have to do is rub some olive oil on your skin. This solution is actually rather cheap and you will have harnessed the key component in most moisturizers without all of the harsh chemicals. Many groups and countries have actually banned the use of chemical based lotions and olive oil is a great alternative.

You can also make a facial mask at home. The ingredients you will need include honey and egg yolks. Mixing the two ingredients together is all you have to do to make the mask. Simply place the mixture on your face for twenty minutes. The pores on your face should tighten after using this treatment. Just be careful to only use the yolks, not the whites.

Quick Solutions

Some common problems come with extremely simple solutions that can be obtained using common household products. Commercially manufactured personal deodorants are products that many people have issues with. Try using a mixture of vinegar and water if you do not like using these harsh products. Yes, vinegar does smell at first, but it goes away. Vinegar kills bacteria and also eliminates odors. Not to mention, it is much healthier than the deodorants you will find in stores.

If you need an exfoliating scrub, try baking soda. I am sure you already have this in your pantry at home. Just scrub with it whenever you are taking a shower and be sure to put special emphasis on any areas of your skin that are breaking out in pimples, acne or other skin issues.

Don't Expect To Improve Collagen Production

Your body uses collagen to keep your skin cells packed tightly and to retain the smoothness and stretchiness. Collagen also works together with elastin to keep your body's skin healthy. Many skin problems occur because of a lack of collagen.

Although the natural skin care recipes above do work, they won't actually help your body to make more elastin or collagen. If this is what you are really looking for, then you need some other products that provide more drastic results. If your skin just needs a bit of tweaking and loving care, then these natural solutions will be just what you need.

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