Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Menopause Symptoms and How to Identify Them

There are several types of symptoms that will affect how a woman feels during menopause. Many women will experience a variety of symptoms of menopause while no two will be the same. Alot of people do not know all of the symptoms of menopause because only a few actually make the news. There are a wide array of symptoms related to menopause. Many symptoms of the change itself are not immediately recognizable. Those that are most obvious will not be mistaken. As a woman you should learn to recognize the most common signs of menopause. If you have already experienced menopause you can be your loved one's saving grace with the knowledge you already have.

When women start to go through menopause they start to gain extra weight. Menopausal weight gain happens in very specific locations. When women who are going through menopause gain weight they tend to do so in the thighs and waist. This usually causes the woman’s waistline to disappear. Most women dread gaining weight. It is even more traumatic, however, to gain weight in these areas. If you find that you are gaining weight in these places when you usually don't gain weight there you might think about calling your doctor. It is a possibility that you might be starting menopause.For more information you can look into Womens Health

Women who are going through menopause often say that one of the hardest symptoms to get used to is losing their ability to sleep through the night. If a woman you know is about the right age and suddenly loses her ability to fall asleep at night and stay asleep, she could potentially be going through menopause. Sometimes this trouble sleeping is accompanied by hot flashes or night sweats. Sometimes it is not. A lot of the time this particular symptom gets misdiagnosed as just some simple difficulty sleeping. It is a good idea to have your doctor check out this symptom, especially if you are of a certain age.

A heightened sense of anxiety is fairly common in women who are going through menopause. This symptom alone can rear it's ugly head in many ways. Panic attacks are the most common description of these sensations although not necessarily so. When these symptoms do not appear to have a known cause or are occuring suddenly it is possible that you have begun the process of hormonal changes referred to as menopause. Use every resource you have to help you maintain composure when helping her through this tough time, she will appreciate it when it's over. Are you aware that menopause can put you at an greater chance of vaginal infections such as cystitis and thrush. Generally women dont figure out the threat that they are heading for. Hence it becomes really essential for women to take care of their fitness. Presently there is no necessity to be scared of as Clotrimazole and Fluconazole are common antifungal drug which are prescribed by physicians to treat thrush.

Some people compare menopause to puberty. Both are important and major changes that the woman cannot control. Some women, however, insist that menopause is the worst of the two because of the number and severity of the woman's symptoms. Learning how to pinpoint menopause symptoms will allow you to have a better understanding of what is going on in your own body and as you work through your life's changes. If you are a man, learning about these symptoms will help you have more sympathy for the women in your life who are going through it.

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