Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things That Women 50 Plus Dating Should Know

You may possibly be one of the many women 50 plus, dating and seeking someone interesting to be with but always keep in mind that you also have your kids to think about. You have to learn how to always include them in your plans and in your decisions. Another thing is to be genuine with your dating partner that you are single but you are a mother who have children to look after.

You Own Conditions

You may well be looking for a great intimacy right now but remember you have to call the shots. It is important to know the fine line between begging and trying to find something on your own. Do not let the guy or guys you are dating make the decisions for you. You may be 50 but you are still somebody and a great somebody at that. If a guy forces you to do something against your will DUMP him instantly!

With regards to your children, make sure they know what they need to know. Tell them you are keen to see different people and socialize on dates. Get their feed back and reactions. Let them feel that they are part of your life plus your love life. You'll be surprise at the many advice they are willing to share in order to make sure you feel contented. Just open your communication lines and you'll be alright.

Don't Tell Too Much

You can be open but there are certain information you need not tell your children. Yes, you can tell them about your ideas of going out with a different guy other than their dad. Give them adequate details especially for guys you feel strongly about. Though, you are 50, avoid overnight dates if you can. This is to avoid long explanation about your whereabouts. Be honest and continue to be a good role model for them. Be responsible for your actions and know that there are people who are affected by it.

Don't Be Pressured

Nobody can decide what will happen to your life but you. Know where you stand and don't feel forced by your children or your guy dates. Always learn to control the circumstances without sacrificing your happiness. Be vocal especially to your kids and to your dating partners. Do not keep the demands by yourself. They will eventually develop admiration for them and for you as a single mother.

When You Are On A Date, Actually Enjoy!

For women 50 plus, dating can be difficult especially if they have still children to support. That is why it is important to keep in mind that when you decide to go out on a date, make sure you have a good time. Do not worry if you squirm at first for leaving your kids when you are out on a date. This is a natural feeling for mothers. But also remember that if you keep on doing this you will eventually feel bad about yourself and your children will certainly see and feel that you are having some problems. They will in turn feel guilty and in this situation, no one seems to be getting near happiness. Do what you have to do, be responsible and enjoy!

It might be a complex circumstance for women 50 plus, dating, with kids and trying to get their lives back. But it is doable and had been done countless of times by women who are getting back on their toes. Just stick to the advice given above, talk to friends and family members who also went through the same situation and you'll be able to learn a lot.

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