Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tips For Controlling Under Eye Wrinkles Now

As we get older, our skin starts to show signs of aging. While we cannot stop ourselves from aging, we can do some things to make ourselves look younger. Many women typically have complaints about their eye area and suffer from crow's feet or under eye wrinkles. There are a lot of creams available that claim to be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes; however, they do not all work. Unfortunately, many products simply focus on advertising that is sometimes misleading. This only leads to frustration when we really just want the truth. I am actually going to share the truth with you right now.

Keeping your face as healthy as possible starts with how you eat and take care of yourself. Eating unhealthy foods not only makes your body feel bad, but your skin will actually start looking bad too. In order to keep your body operating at an optimal level, you have to feed it what it needs to stay healthy. That means getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals daily. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water keeps your body and skin in good shape. This means that getting your full servings of fruits and vegetables daily is important.

When you go outside in the sun, you need to practice healthy habits. Your face is the part of your body that is most exposed to the sun's harmful rays. I am sure you have already been told that the wrinkles that appear on your face are often triggered by this UV radiation. Wearing sunglasses regularly and applying a daily sunscreen to your face is a good way to stop more wrinkles from showing up and can start helping your skin return to better health.

When you think about how to reduce eye wrinkles, the first thing you probably think about is some type of skin cream. But when you are buying skin creams, you should realize that there is no magic solution and not all skin creams will work as they claim. There are some good wrinkle creams available and there are others that are not so good. The key to finding the best cream is in the ingredients list. You should look for creams that are full of healthy vitamins and are composed of simple ingredients. Some ingredients can actually contribute to dry skin and can worsen the appearance of wrinkles and these are ones that often end with the suffix -ol or -al. Additionally, you should leave the product on the shelf if its ingredient list is full of words that you can't pronounce.

There are a lot of options to try when you are looking for how to reduce under eye wrinkles. But as you search through all of these options, make sure you remember that skin creams are not magic wrinkle erasers. Healthy eating and healthy habits are major contributors in skin and body health. If you choose to use a wrinkle cream along the lines of Dermagist, maximize the results by changing your lifestyle and eating a healthy, balanced diet.

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