Saturday, December 3, 2011

Want to Shed Unwanted Weight? Try HCG Injections

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone which can generally be detected in ladies who're pregnant. The discharge of this particular hormone takes place following conception. The very first physician to take note of HCG’s ability to contribute to weight loss is Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. He found the miraculous results of HCG on a person’s metabolic processes through a study she conducted on pregnant ladies who're not taking sufficient calories as warranted by a physician. Having a background about HCG Diet Injections is a great help.

In his study, Dr. Simeons produced his study subjects receive a 500 calorie-a-day diet plan and HCG injection therapy containing 125 mg in the said hormone. The case study showed promising results: the majority of the obese test subjects lost a significant quantity of weight.

Dr. Simeons thought that the HCG injection therapy worked by notifying the hypothalamus gland to work on the fats rather than the lean muscle, so much more weight is lost.

Sadly, his Hypothalamus principle continues to become unproven. With this in mind, the Food & Drugs Administration required all makers of HCG products to bear a label which says that the hormone is not proven beneficial in weight loss.

Whether or not the Dr. Simeons’ study on HCG injection therapy brought about stunning success, most doctors suggest that the weight loss experienced by his patients had been brought about by the 500 calorie diet plan rather than the HCG shots he has given. After all, the HCG diet plan restricts you to definitely eat various proteins, fruit and vegetables, and fruits, but provides you the liberty to drink lots of coffee or tea that you can drink.

Although the HCG faze had died down, it produced a comeback in 2007 when Kevin Trudeau marketed HCG injections as a great method to shed weight. In addition, the handbook “Weight Loss Guide” printed that 1-2 pounds can be lost by a person each day if he adheres to the HCG diet plan principle. The suggested time for a HCG diet plan is 26-43 days. Dr. Simeons forbids dieters from going over the 43rd day mark.

The HCG diet plan is made up of loading cycle, which is the very first two days in the diet plan. This time around, you receive the chance to eat whatever you want to eat in order to provide your body the fuel it requires for the following weeks.

Subsequently, you are limited to consuming meals with only 500 calories every day. At this time, you need to take the HCG injection therapy as well. Stop the injections on the third towards the last day in the program, nevertheless, you still need to go through with the low-calorie diet plan during that time.

HCG injection therapy are generally done intramuscularly, on the buttocks or the upper thighs; or subcutaneously, on the fat in your stomach or thighs. If you are frightened of needles, then you can try out sublingual HCG remedies. For a sublingual HCG pill, you just need to place the pill under the tongue. Additionally, there are Hcg diet drops which you can take orally, or coupled with a drink.

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