Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Learning How Engraving Can Add a Distinctive and Thoughtful Feature for the Gift of a Ring, Bracelet, or Pendant

Many married couples will tell you that it was the small touches that made their wedding day memorable. Small details will often linger in your memory after the taste of the cake and the smell of the flowers has faded away. Couples are using a small touch like custom jewelry engraving to make a big impact on their special day and create lasting memories for years to come.

Since jewelry engraving needs precision, it can be a great idea to allow a professional to complete the work, as well as the jewelry casting, but there is no reason that you cannot help by designing the pattern. One tip for creating a usable jewelry pattern is to use a piece of guide paper that is the same size as your piece. That way you can be sure that the pattern is the proper size and proportion to be transferred to your jewelry piece.

There are several different engraving methods that a jewelry maker can use. Each piece starts with jewelry casting but it's the finish that varies.They include laser engraving, hand engraving and machine engraving. Depending on the intricacy of the engraving to be done, you may opt to have machine or laser engraving performed. These two methods involve using a pattern to create a computerized template. This template is fed into the graving machine so that it can be transferred to the piece of jewelry.

The style of the writing on the inside of the ring is as important as how it is placed there. There is a huge range of different type styles ranging from plain text to very ornate calligraphy. Ornate styles of writing are beautiful but can be hard to read especially if they are small. In order to keep the writing legible you should select a much plainer style of text. These can still be quite lovely. If you are dealing with an experienced engraver they can give you excellent guidance about which type styles work well.

If you want a truly original piece of jewelry, consider hand engraving. This takes time and skill to master. A skilled engraver can put an extremely precise pattern on the inside and outside of a ring or bracelet. You may find that hand engravers will prefer to work with a softer metal just because it is easier to get the metal to accept the inscription. Gold is often the softest metal to work with. The higher the karats in a piece of gold jewelry the more pure it is. Pure gold is too soft to work with as it will bend and scratch with normal wear. You should know that the fact that metal is easier to engrave will be offset by the fact that the inscription can wear off over time.

The depth of strokes used is a good indication of the quality of an engraver. He or she should have been working on jewelry for some time so that they have experience. You should ask to see samples of their work so that you know if you like their style and the way they finish a piece. They should have a range of tools to select from and have experience working in the kind of metal your piece is made of.

One main thing to remember is that engraving is permanent and cannot be changed unless the piece is ground down. There can be problems if you want to change the size of the piece. Stretching will cause the pattern to stretch and warp as well, and cutting and resealing the piece is impossible since the pattern will be harmed and the joins will be obvious.

Customizing a ring or other piece of jewelry with engraving can really make an ordinary piece special. Create wonderful memories of your wedding with an engraved wedding band and elevate an already memorable item into something truly inspiring.

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