Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

If you want to get rid of dark under eye circles there are many things that you can do. Dark circles can even be improved just by making a small number of changes. But sometimes long treatments may be needed. Other times, allergies or other health related problems may be the underlying cause of some dark circles under the eyes. You should get treatment from a doctor if health issues are causing your under eye circles. When skin problems are caused by other non-serious issues then there are any things you can do to treat under eye circles. At least one option is Lifecell skin. Below are a few others:

Most often, dark circles are obtained because of unhealthy lifestyle factors. If you want to get rid of dark under eye circles then your smoking habit needs to be dropped. Often, smoking can cause eye problems or make current ones worse. Being too stressed all of the time will also cause dark under eye circles. When stress is experienced by your body for an extended period many things can start going wrong. Doing something that you really enjoy or just sitting down to relax can give your skin the time it needs to start making those dark circles disappear. Sleeping at least eight hours each night can also help.

You may also experience dark circles because your diet is unhealthy. Plus, an unhealthy diet can also cause a large number of other problems. Vitamins and minerals are needed by your body daily and when it does not receive these things certain functions decrease and portions of your body start to age. Skin problems including dark under eye circles can be fixed simply by diet changes in some cases. That implies that you should eat fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, and supplement your diet with vitamins if you do not get enough from regular food.

You can also use natural remedies at home to start getting rid of dark under eye circles more quickly. Cucumber slices is often the home treatment of choice. Relaxing for approximately fifteen minutes with slices of cucumbers on your eyes can help you reduce stress and remove dark circles and puffiness. The slices should extend over your eyes and cover the dark circles as well, so make sure the cucumber is large enough to do this. Cool tea bags can also be used in the same manner to reduce dark circles and decrease puffiness.

Skin care creams are often required for a more intensive type of treatment. A good eye cream for dark circles could make all of the difference. You will find that retinol and Vitamin K are often the ingredients in many of the best skin care creams. You can also use revitalizing skin masks that can help solve your skin problems while you relax or sleep. If none of these treatments reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles then your routine may need to be more intense. To determine what you should do in this case, check with your dermatologist.

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