Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Basic Ways To Eliminate Racoon Eyes And Spruce Up Your Overall Look

We have all seen women on television or in movies with cucumbers covering their eyes. So did you ever get curious as to why they do this? They are trying to do exactly what you hope to do, remove under eye bags. A lot of people have a disdain for under eye bags because they are very difficult to hide and when they are not hidden, they really age your face. If you are one of the many people suffering from bags under your eyes, then you need to listen to the following tips.

You may be surprised that the use of cucumbers over the eyes is not just a fad. Under eye bags are actually treated with cucumbers and they actually can reduce the appearance of them. Cutting two quarter inch cucumber slices and putting them over your eyes is all you really have to do for this treatment. Your only job after you have cut the slices is to relax for at least fifteen minutes while the cucumbers do their job. Your eyes as well as the bags under them will both need to be covered by the cucumber slices so make sure you pick a cucumber that is large enough for this. Remember that you do not have to discard the rest of the cucumber that you do not use. Eating it is always an option and it is nutritious. And if you do not mind spreading a cucumber puree over your face, you can blend the rest up to make a refining face mask.

Other food items can also be used to reduce under eye bags. Potatoes seem to work in the same way. All you need is fifteen spare minutes, two thick slices of a potato and a comfortable place to kick back and relax. Tea bags will also work. If you use tea bags, you should make sure they are cold by either putting them in the freezer or refrigerating them overnight before you plan to use them.

These methods to remove under eye bags will only give you a temporary fix of the problem. You need to focus on practicing a healthy lifestyle if you want to keep the under eye bags away for good. Healthy eating and getting plenty of exercise is what this entails. However, it does not mean that you have to put yourself on a strict diet. Rather than doing this, you simply need to focus on making healthy eating choices. You can opt for a melon cup as a dessert rather than a chocolate brownie. Exercising also does not have to be a huge chore. Exercising three days a week and twenty minutes each time should be plenty to make a difference.

You should keep your diet as healthy as you possibly can if you intend to keep under eye bags away for good. Locating the best eye cream for puffiness might help, but results will improve if you have decent lifestyle patterns. If you know that your diet is lacking in certain vitamins then you should take the appropriate vitamin supplement to make sure you give your body everything that it needs. You can also make sure under eye bags stay away if you ensure that you get plenty of sleep.

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