Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What Are Symptoms Of Endometriosis

Symptoms of endometriosis differ extremely from woman to woman. Many women do not suffer from any signs and symptoms at all. The phase of the endometriosis paradoxically doesn´t have an effect on amount of experienced pain. With lack of symptoms some women may not be aware of having endometriosis. The discovery could be made by a gynaecological pelvic exam or maybe they find out when unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

The endometriosis symptoms in the majority of the cases have huge negative influence on woman´s life and that is a reason to identify them and decide to finish up with this painful disease. The following symptoms are the most common symptoms of endometriosis. But remember that they vary: one woman can have them all, another one just few and the last one none of them.

Very likely more women will experience at lease some symptoms of endometriosis. They are extremely unpleasant, I can say for myself. One of the symptoms may be unusually painful periods, maybe accompanied by anomalous heavy bleeding. Patients also often experience pain when bowels move and when they urinate while they are menstruating. Characteristics of the menstrual pain are mild to severe cramps in abdomen that deteriorates over time as the illness is spreding out more and more.

Premenstrual spotting or spotting in between periods also belongs to the usual endometriosis symptoms. Endo sufferers often mention tenderness of the pelvis area during ovulation. There is also a perpetual pain in the abdomen characterized that affects the lower back and sometimes also both legs - worsen during menstruation or sexual intercourse.

Dysparunia, means having pain during intercourse, is also presented as a typical symptom - negatively disturbing a person´s life. Painful intercourse actually belongs to the most common symptoms of endometriosis, especially in the more advanced or severe stages. Although in its early stages this pain is at the lateral side of the pelvis, soon after it could be anywhere or all over the pelvic area and can make intercourse unpleasant and miserable for the patient. Later on, this pain can play a role in ensuing infertility.

And infertility is also one of the endometriosis symptoms. About 30-40% of sufferers suffering for endometriosis have infertility issues.

When the endometriosis invated your bladder, you can find symptoms such as bladder pain, frequent urinary accompanied with urgency feelings, blood in urine, blood in stool or pain after intercourse. Endometriosis can also overrun the ureter - tube between the bladder and the kidney. That may cause damage of ureter or kidney.

For some women the endometriosis could mean loosing ability to overcome infections, someone can develop an allergy. These problems are often accompanied by irritation and fatigue.

Many common and well-known diseases have similar symptoms and for that reason could be mixed up with symptoms of endometriosis. These could be irritable bowel syndrom, migrane, pelvic adhesions, colitis or dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps). The bowel symptoms could be often overlooked or dismissed because many people think endometriosis affects only the reproductive organs. Bowel symptoms caused by endometriosis could be constipation, diarrhoea, shifting constipaton or diarrhoea, abdominal bloating, pain when bowels move, vomitin and nausea.

Pain can occur before, during or after a period and may be cyclic or acyclic. The pain can appear during or after sex, after a pelvic exam, during or after exercise or at rest.

At the time of pregnancy the symptoms of endometriosis may pause. Symptoms also diminish at menopause, when the periods terminate. Sometimes even during menopausal hormone therapy the symptoms of endometriosis still appear.
To conclude, the symptoms of endometriosis result in pain and pain. Moreover, there are more severe medical problems that endometriosis can begin. So it's more than natural that women look for which way they could escape this unpleasant disease. There are different approaches relating to endometriosis treatment. The one which helped myself is a natural treatment. Here you will find out more information about the endometriosis natural treatment.

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