Friday, April 6, 2012

Choosing The Wedding Cake Topper For Your Special Occasion

Considerations when selecting a wedding cake topper to be seen your cake in that wedding day.

You should look at the personalities of the bride and groom, the style of the wedding, your attendees that will be attending and the budget you are able to depend on when picking the correct cake topper.

There are numerous varieties of cake toppers around and the number 1 on the list is the bobblehead cake topper.

These may have traditional elements with a few unexpected twists. To begin with they're traditional because they're figurines of the bride and groom, which is where the whole thing started. However where they radically differ is that these are personalized wedding cake toppers. Put simply they are designed to resemble the bride and groom.

Some of them only have personalized heads although some are totally tailor made from head to toe. The possibilities that this opens are endless and that's why bobblehead cake toppers have reached the top of our list of possibilities. Depending on the vendor, such things as hair-styles, jewelry, clothes, poses and props can all be re-created in all the necessary detail.

There are many typical conventions around these cake toppers and one is size. The ones on the short end on the scale will measure some 5 inches and the larger ones will measure some 7 inches. This is just one of those cases where bigger is not necessarily better. When choosing a size for a bobblehead cake topper, make certain you’re well aware of the dimensions that the wedding cake itself is going to be. There's no point getting a topper that can totally overshadow the wedding cake or that's too big to stand on its own.

Therefore we do recommend keeping the 7 inch size at most. But in relation to width and accessories, creativity may take center stage. The bobblehead cake topper may have its own car by way of example, or it can be a complete set having a background just like a sports field, a garden or possibly a beach. Popular themes also include motorcycles, fishing or maybe plain fitting of the bobblehead figurines.

The 2nd convention of these wedding toppers could be the size of the heads. Most Bobbleheads require a large head so as to make it bobble. Therefore if the theme of the wedding is elegant, it is not likely that the bobblehead cake topper will suit you perfectly. The oversized head gives these wedding toppers a cartoonish aspect that's fun, irreverent and sometimes romantic, but hardly every posh or elegant, unless they are designed as such.

These models are certainly not the lowest priced wedding Cake Toppers on the market, nevertheless they can be bought with a highly personalized and versatile nature. The standard cost range is going to be between 150 and 250 USD. Should your creation is more ambitious than simply the two figurines things can quickly escalate.

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