Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enjoying Sex in a Relationship is Crucial... And Impacts Several Other Aspects Of Your Life

We all know, or at least many of us know and will admit, one of the definite most important parts of a relationship is sex. A bad sex life together leaks into other areas of the relationship and causes issues. Mind you, we can have great sex relationships and have a bad relationship overall. And there's one thing that can make the sex in a relationship suffer, someone that doesnt feel good about themselves, irrespective of how much their partner is attracted to them and with diet help they then get to a better physical place personally and are then more relaxed sharing themselves freely and openly with their partner.

I can remember a friend I have asserting how he actually loved his spouse and needed to physically be with his wife, to enjoy sex with her yet she just didn't want participate. She usually found a reason or excuse and that was driving him insane. I then explained to him how not necessarily is it about him and that she just might not feel so good about herself, even though she likes him, and is therefore unable to share herself comfortably with him to have sex.

It helped him quite a bit as he never thought about it like that. He figured if he loved her and really meant it then she would be OK with being with him. Everything starts with our inner self. When we feel good about us, then we can feel good with our partner. Mull it over. How many times did you not go to a party, swim in the pool, take off your clothing and walk around in a swim suit as you didn't feel good about the way in which you look? Well then, imagine having that feeling, even with someone that dearly loves you, and they'd like to have sex.

I will feel your discomfort. Even if the lights were turned off and the room utterly dark you just don't need any person feeling the body you yourself don't like. Then why dont we do something about it and end the craziness? Because folks haven't begun to find a really effective way to make the changes they require for a healthy and fit body and the answer's what you will never have imagined. Try looking at something a little different like hypnosis for weightloss. I did. Its extraordinary. Folks just haven't any idea what its all about so they dont even look at it.

But no matter what it is that may work for you, at least do something. In a relationship there isn't anything more rewarding than a healthy and entirely enjoyable sex life. To share with the one you love the physical expression of that love and to link into the pure, natural, animalistic part of us that nothing else can replace. Not even that bowl of candy, chocolate bar, or cookie. Get the satisfaction you really seek from the place you'll find it good, fun, all out wonderful sex with the person you share a relationship with and be satisfied and pleased.

Crizza Reyes
Writer & Speaker on health and woman's issues. To learn diet help, please visit our website

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