Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ways To Find Out Whether You Are Having A Boy Or Girl Before 20 Weeks

There are hundreds of myths around the topic of gender prediction when it comes to the question "Am I having a boy or girl?" It seems to be a prerequisite that grandmothers have at least one method of predicting the answer, whether its consulting pendulums or stomach shape. While grandma will probably swear by her method, there are also scientific tests that lack mystery and magic.

It's far more entertaining, of course, to consult the mythical methods. One entails tying a wedding ring to a piece of string, dangling it over the stomach and watching how it swings. A circular motion indicates a daughter while a back and forth motion states that a son is on the way.

Stomach shape is a method most know about. Low bellies carry boys while round ones carry girls. Tests like these have been proven to have 50% likelihood of being right. Science is likely to give one a far more accurate result.

The world wide web provides an enormous number of tests that promise to have been scientifically proven. These often don't site references for such claims but they are fun to do anyway. They generally ask questions like whether the father and mother were living together at the time of conception, what date it happened and whether they were married at the time. Even if one doesn't believe these questionnaires are reliable, curious moms are likely to get much satisfaction out of doing them.

The Mayan calendar provides gender prediction, too. According to this race, the sex of the child is entirely based on pregnancy date, and a calendar is provided that reveals the sex as it applies to each day of the year. Many think that the Mayans were far more evolved than their time and that they used a combination of advanced science and mysticism to supply wisdom and knowledge to their people. Some say they were even more knowledgeable than scientists today.

Many people find their spirituality in nature. According to some, nature speaks about gender through the body of the mother. If she has a rounded stomach she'll give birth to a daughter. If she has a more pointed belly, she'll have a boy.

Some methods rely on numbers. The age of the mother and the conception date are added and sex depends on whether the answer is an odd or even number. Gypsies used those method.

The pharmaceutical industry has added its own, more accurate solution to this age old question. A urine test, completed in 8 minutes, will predict gender. It will supply answers from the tenth month and thereafter. While it has been proven highly efficient, scientists still advise that parents don't paint the nursery according to test results.

The test is 82% accurate and comes in the form of a liquid which changes color according to the child's sex. The test is FDA approved. As yet, there is no test that's 100% accurate except the ultrasound conducted at 20 weeks. What ever the method used when curious and asking, 'Am I having a boy or girl, ' only one thing's certain: 9 months maximum will provide the answer.

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