Monday, May 21, 2012

Get Him To Commit To This Relationship - 11 Things A Woman Should Be Aware Of

1. Don’t Force Your Boyfriend

Please don't force your boyfriend to commit to you. The harder you try, the more terrible the situation becomes. If you ponder over it, it’s definitely wiser of you to give your boyfriend some breathing space. Learn how to get boyfriend to commit and you shall see excellent results.

2. Let Him Think About You

Irrespective of how deeply you may care about your boyfriend, don’t spend all your time with him. This is an excellent tactic to make your man miss you.

3. Maintain Good Relationship With His Buddies

Do your best to have a peaceful relationship with his buddies. Do not start an argument with your boyfriend. It may be a fact that he has an irritating friend. Just try to bear with it for the sake of your boyfriend. You should never coerce your man to terminate his friendship with his annoying friend. However you can definitely tell your boyfriend about it. If he is indeed a worthy boyfriend, he will know how to make you feel comfortable.

4. Tell Him About How Much You Love Him

Do you know? Many men tend to be helpless when we are talking about what a woman is thinking about. That is the reason why you should tell him face to face how deeply you like him occasionally. Just remember not to overdo it or he may feel pressured. You are probably thinking that this is embarrassing but do try it out and you will begin to see that it will work miracles for your dating life. Maybe you can learn how to get a guy to marry you today if you're interested.

5. Do Not Nag About The Situation

As much as you want to get married, don’t keep on harping on it. That is not going to lead to the result you are hoping for. I wish that you’ll consider my advice as I’m simply sharing my knowledge with you. Instead of trying to influence him using direct methods, do it with indirect methods. Slowly and eventually, let him realize how great a woman you are. Let him realize by himself that he cannot afford to let you go. When enough time has passed, he will start to consider proposing to you and taking care of you forever. Don’t you agree with the points I am trying to make?

6. Go for Personal Development

You still have your own life even though you’re dating a man. Thus go and improve your strength. Improve your self confidence. An ordinary man is always interested in females who know what they want in life.

7. Build a Good Relationship With His Family

We’ve discussed having a good relationship with his close friends. But you know what? Establishing a good relationship with your boyfriend’s family is much more important. If you’re down on your luck and he happens to have a possessive mum, do try your very best to bear with her.

8. Don’t Let Him Take The Relationship For Granted

Do not let your boyfriend take you for granted. The moment he began taking you for granted, he is not gonna cherish you, let alone be committed to the relationship. For example, you shouldn’t go to bed with your boyfriend. Do not be afraid to say no to him. When you have the courage to reject his advance, he is going to respect you more.

9. You Have the Choice to Leave A Relationship With Him

There will be some boyfriends who will never want to propose to a woman, for one excuse after the other. Hanging there for these types of men is not going to bring you what you want. They may fool you with all kinds of excuses. Be courageous enough to escape from your relationship if you believe it is time to leave.

10. Avoid Tactics

This is a very common mistake. Many women will employ all sorts of tactics to coerce their lover to commit to them. But do you understand? Cheap tactics is not gonna work, especially when you do not understand what you’re doing. A lot of times, you may end up pushing your man away. So my advice is not to do it.

11. Don’t Attempt to Lead The Man

I know that for a lady, it is not a walk in the park to survive in the corporate world, let alone excel in it. Most likely, you possess a very unyielding personality and you’re probably used to being a leader to men and giving men orders. However, in the normal society, men are generally searching for feminine women. They aren’t waiting for an aggressive woman to push them around.

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