Monday, July 30, 2012

Hair Straightening Strategies And Advanced Methods You Ought To Know

How do I know if hair straightening will work for me? Look for a hair stylist who is specifically trained to work with hair straightening. She'll be able to assess your hair and give you a recommendation. Not all hair types are suited for traditional straightening, but the new Japanese hair treatment will work well on almost everybody's hair.

Since the 1990's, British women have become obsessed with hair straightening! The straightening irons create a sleek and glossy look to the hair which can be achieved easily and effortlessly on a daily basis. So why wouldn't you want this? Is it because of the damage that the intense heat can have on you hair? Or were you not aware of this? If not then you may want to sit back, as this is going to be a shock! Though, I do have a trick up my sleeve with the alternative means of straightening, as well as sharing my experience with hair straighteners that made me never want to use them again! So ENJOY!

Japanese straightening or thermal reconditioning: This is a more permanent way to straighten the hair. In this technique a chemical is applied all over the hair to break down the hair's texture and then it is flat ironed to make it straight before the texture is locked in with a neutralization process. The neutralization process closes off the hair cuticles preventing it from re-curling. This treatment is quite expensive (nearly $500 per application) and damaging to the hair.

Relaxed hair becomes a lot more dry. So you should limit your use of hot blow dryers and hot styling tools. And since relaxed hair is also more porous, be sure and rinse all shampoo out very completely. Use a shampoo that's designed for relaxed hair.

Brazilian Hair Straightening is a great innovation. Many women, even men are happy for this invention, especially with those who have curly and frizzy hair. If you want a major change in the way you look this is the way to do it.

I let out an almighty scream and have never felt burns like it! As I have burns myself a few times on the straighteners, but not like this! This time was different. Both the trainee, the manager and I panicked as my skin began to burn. With the worry and chaos, the manager grabbed the straightened from my stomach and burnt herself in the process, then dropping them to the ground.

Blow drying: Another simple method to straighten hair is to blow dry it after washing the hair. You can hold the hair straight with a comb and dry it using a good hair dryer. The effect may not be long lasting and will not work on very curly and frizzy hair.

Relaxed hair tends to break more easily, so be sure and use a good deep conditioner at least once a week. Also use a good leave-in conditioner after shampooing. Conditioners will coat the hair and restore oils and proteins that were stripped by the chemical processing. This smooths the damaged outer surface of the hair and makes it more shiny.

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