Monday, September 17, 2012

Treating Constipation in Kids

One of the most basic issues that you are going to find in very young kids or infants is some level of constipation. Constipation in children is usually a tricky situation to address. When a child becomes constipated and shifting stool is not comfortable for him or her, it could be very irritating for the parent along with the child.

Very often, the young child will become red in the face and it will be really awkward to try and have a bowel movement. Constipation in children can be serious. They can actually become afraid to have a bowel movement due to the pain associated in attempting to pass stool.

Paying particular attention and watching for these symptoms is essential, in that sometimes the symptoms can be "nipped in the bud" before they become too excessive.

What Exactly is Constipation?
In almost any person, adult or child, constipation can take place. It's usually defined as having four or more hard bowel motions that are challenging or painful to pass, or not creating a bowel movement for four days. At this stage, as you may imagine, it is becoming really miserable for nearly anyone and taking steps to relieve the constipation is essential.

Numerous things can be done to try and ensure a gentler bowel movement. These will likely be just as effective in case of constipation in infants as they are in older adults.

What Causes Constipation?
Frequently constipation can be brought about by a modification in the diet. Often children and parents are in a hurry and the diet isn't as high in fiber as it needs to be. Introducing more vegetables and fruits with higher fiber into the diet might help to relieve the condition. One good supply of fiber as well as an item which might help to induce a bowel movement is prune juice. Constipation in youngsters is an especially challenging one to repair as it may be challenging for parents to get the infants to consume some types of vegetables.

What Steps Should You Choose to Adopt to Alleviate Constipation?
Lowering the intake of bananas, cow's milk and cheese, all foods which preschoolers seem to love, may be beneficial when trying to decrease the amount of painful constipation in toddlers. Furthermore, adding some higher fiber fruits or sweet items such as prune juice or prunes will help to soften the stool. In addition, using prune juice to help to relieve constipation in toddlers is actually adding some additional liquid to their diet too.

Prune juice is a superb way--a very sweet way--to help your toddler to overcome constipation. In addition, it's often very easy to get the child to drink it and you can't really offer too much prune juice, as you can with some medications. This can completely relieve constipation in children.

If your child doesn't have a bowel movement within a day or two, it is very important speak to your physician, as this may also be a symptom of another underlying condition.

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