Friday, February 20, 2015

Bahdos Fine Jewelry - Essential Guide

Today, jewelry are decorative articles and ornaments made to delight, to enhance and to please the wearer. Jewelry item covers almost all part of the body fingers, neck, toes and hair. There are various kinds of jewelers such as rings, pendants, barrettes, bracelets and more. The fashion of using diamond rings have progressed over the years. It is no longer a sign of eternal love and togetherness but also a sign of fashion and style statement. Jewelry is an all time fashion for women. It elevates ones personality, elegance, and allure. Today, even guys like to wear jewelry in the form of chains, bracelets and ear studs. Since ancient times, some jewel pieces are believed to have magical and curative powers and properties. Different traditions have been known to use jewels for several events like marriages, engagements and in birthday party. We have actually presented most comprehensive article on Gem Stones. Keep reading.

If you want to gift your wife the most precious jewelry on the anniversary, then this article will help you. The classy jewelry designer like Bahdos Jewelry design the jewelries such as rings, pendants, bracelets, bangles, earrings and many more so that you can pick the best one for your lady and make the anniversary extremely special. An interesting method of choosing semiprecious jewel is buying a birthstone. Each month of the year has its own gem stone: Garnet is for January, Amethyst is for February, Aquamarine is for March, Diamond is for April, Emerald is for May, Pearl is for June, Ruby is for July, Peridot is for August, Sapphire is for September, Opal is for October, Topaz is for November and Turquoise is for December.

Most jewelry are marked. These marks are called as hallmarks. Gold hallmarks usually stand for the karat or purity of the gold. For instance 14 karat gold is marked as 14K. 10 karat gold is marked as 10K. Sometimes gold is marked in a different way like 585, it is another common gold mark. It is the same as 14 K and it just implies 58.5% pure gold. For rings these marks are usually marked inside. Silver and platinum also have their own unique hallmarks. Most silver jewelry is marked with the numbers 925 which represents 92.5% pure silver. Everyone can use jeweler Loupe to figure out the quality and clarity of diamonds. A jeweler Loupe is a tool which is helpful to identify quality of jewelry. Bahdos Jewelers is providing you the best jewelry and you can get a perfect jewelry set which will offer you lovely look. To find out more Refer This Website.

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