Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Put on Mineral Powder with a Makeup Sponge

It is so essential to clean ALL your makeup tools and your hands-- not simply your cosmetic sponges-- before and after each use. Your hands alone hold 150 different types of germs which can be easily moved to the face. Additionally, by not cleaning your tools such as cosmetic sponges, any germs or oil or dirt that is inside of it is then harbored and can expand. That indicates that the next time you go to use makeup with it, you are putting all of those dirt and germs right back onto your face! (It's not a good thing) This fast video stresses the importance of cleaning your blending sponges. To do so, take a quarter sized amount of anti bacterial soap and warm water and massage the soap into the sponges till you have worked up a lather. Then rinse the sponge extensively and leave in an open space to dry so mold or mildew don't expand!

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