Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boost Relationships With Relationship Psychology

It seems like I have been on a merry-go-round of relations for more years than I care to discuss. I start each one with lots of hope and zeal and am heartsick when they fall apart. So ultimately I was desperate and wished some advice about what keeps going awry and I began to perform a little research on the Web.

And you know what? There are a large amount of people on the Web that want to offer you advice about love and relations! But I discovered a report by this fellow named Michael Griswold that was talking about relationship psychology.

It was not at all what I expected when I initially began reading it. I was scared it would be some dull article just talking about what relationship psychology is, but instead it talks about the way to USE relationship psychology to boost your relations.

For instance, he talks about how nothing remains the same in life, including relations, so it just messes things up when you attempt to force your relationship to always stay the same. That makes a large amount of sense to me right?

I'm sure that I would like to talk for hours and spend as much time as practicable at the start with a new partner and if I lose control because he would like to see the game with his buddies rather than taking me to the movies then naturally the relationship is going to begin to go downhill.

What actually drew my attention was when he was talking about staying calm even if you are fighting or not talking for some reason. Because that's how it currently is doesn't mean that things will not improve later without you attempting to fix it.

I know in the past that I have panicked after fights or if I haven't heard from my boyfriend in a few days. My imagination has run free and I usually end up saying or doing something that just doesn't help.

Now don't misunderstand what I mean, he's not commending that you will not ever have to work at the relationship or that there won't ever be any problems, but I adore the concept that I don't have to panic just because things aren't going well. In fact he makes the point that you become more interesting when you are ready to handle things quietly. And let's face it girls, most men hate drama.

Here is the link to the document since I know you'll want to read it for yourself and try the rest of blog as well for more ideas on using relationship psychology if that's what you are interested in.

Also here is the video he did also.

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